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Finally, an honest, dedicated Representative Voice for All the People of Palm Beach County, District 21.

“Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by way of inheritance; It must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.” – Ronald Reagan

Deborah Adeimy For U.S. Congress

Florida's 21st Congressional District

On Wall Street, the term Hostile Takeover is usually not good and cause for alarm. The current Democrat party is no longer what the honorable Martin Luther King, Kennedys and F.D. Roosevelt represented. Gone are the days where Democrats and Republicans – Clinton/Gingrich – had common goals and successfully compromised. The extremists’ Hostile Takeover has tarnished the Democrat party and intentionally damaged America.

Deborah is a fourth-generation Floridian daughter, mother, patriot, loyal friend and businesswoman.

Born in West Palm Beach to hardworking parents, Deborah attended Cardinal Newman High School where students from all backgrounds are welcome. While honor and Christianity were the guide, it was the simplicity of uniforms that highlighted, we are all equal. “It didn’t matter, all races, religions – we were friends and have great memories.” Deborah went on to attend Palm Beach State as well as Loyola University, New Orleans for media and communications. During a summer job, she found real world experience in finance and economics fascinating. It was at UBS/PaineWebber in Palm Beach that she became the first female associate to pass the lengthy and rigorous exam for the Series 7 license administered by FINRA. The Financial Industry Regulation Authority is an organization authorized by Congress to protect American investors to ensure the industry operates fairly and honestly. Deborah Adeimy can be found on the United States Government website, AdvisorInfo.SEC.Gov provided by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. She obtained multiple credentials thru FINRA, CFP® Board and BSBA in Finance from Thomas Edison University. Deborah is also licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services for Life and Health Insurance, providing knowledge and decades of experience in these vital matters for American families. She is a mother of twin sons, both obtaining Doctorates in Chemistry and her third son in high school is a musician. Deborah is a longstanding Pioneer member of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County, Judeo Christian Republican Club, Women’s charity Dress for Success, Republican Club of Palm Beach, Norton Museum of Art and Palm Beach Civic Association.


Deborah knows the responsibility of considering how political and economic changes affect the businesses and families she serves.

For decades Deborah has served families and businesses with sound judgement as a strategic Advisor at Merrill Lynch, Citi Global Markets and Morgan Stanley. Unlike the narrowed “stockbrokers” of the 80s, today’s modern financial advisors at preeminent firms have far more expansive knowledge, complex requirements and expectations of them. As such, Deborah’s workdays include managing effects and constant knowledge of U.S. Government policies, geopolitical events, energy and Middle Eastern affairs, Federal Reserve meetings, real estate, inflation, taxes, pharmaceutical developments, technology, and many other factors.

Deborah graduated from Florida Atlantic University, Business Executive program and passed the CFP® Board exam. As a Certified Financial Planner™, she has advanced knowledge of laws regarding taxation and estate planning, retirement, insurance, corporate structures as well as maintaining business and family ownership of assets.

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Deborah Adeimy children

Deborah has directly served people throughout the most important stages of their lives
as their financial expert, trusted advisor, fiduciary and friend.

 “It is an honor to be invited to clients’ family weddings, graduations and birthdays. There are also times spent at funerals, or in a hospital room supporting a husband after his wife’s cancer surgery. Etched in my mind is the vivacious businessman from the Garment District I met 20 years ago. He was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and sadly came to my office to ask forgiveness ahead of time, when he forgets my name.”  This GOBOLDLY intense video is my recognition of PhRMA, the scientists, researchers and healthcare workers who keep fighting to make life better for us.

“Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at the close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” – Dylan Thomas


Finally, an honest, dedicated Representative Voice for All the People of Palm Beach County, District 21.

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