Most Experienced and Qualified Candidate for Palm Beach County FL-22

“Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by way of inheritance; It must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.” – Ronald Reagan

Deborah Adeimy For Congress

Florida's 22nd Congressional District

VIEW OUR VIDEO: On Wall Street, the term Hostile Takeover is a cause for alarm. The current Democrat party is no longer what the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Kennedys and F.D. Roosevelt represented. Gone are the days where Democrats and Republicans – Clinton/Gingrich – had common goals and successfully compromised. The extremists’ Hostile Takeover has tarnished the Democrat party and intentionally damaged America!

Deborah Adeimy is a businesswoman, mother and 5th generation Family in her hometown West Palm Beach.  As the only Floridian Candidate, Deborah has many lifelong ties, friends and relatives throughout Palm Beach County – along with historic Family roots, Deb has the knowledge of and loyalty to Represent District 22. For decades, Deborah has been a trusted Fiduciary and Financial Advisor to families and businesses.


25+  years proven Finance and Economic Business Experience

Professional multiple licenses with:

  • U.S. Financial Industry Reg. Authority
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Florida Financial Regulation, Securities
  • U.S. Federal Registry NMLS
  • FL Department of Financial Services
  • FL OIR, Life and Health Insurance

CFP® Board, Certified Financial Planner™

Credentialed Employment History: JPMorgan, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Citi Global Markets


Fraternal Order of Police – 2024

Veterans For America First

Police Benevolent Assoc., Palm Beach County

America First P.A.C.T.

Palm Beach Post, GOP Nominee – 2022

America First Political Cmte, Wash. DC


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Palm Beach Civics Association, Catholic Charities of Palm Beach County, Business Development Board, Urban League, Historical Society of PBC, Salvation Army, Norton Museum of Art, Jewish Federation of PBC, YMCA, Cardinal Newman Alumn, The Fund for WPB Police, St. Edward Womens Guild, PBC Business Chambers


Deborah knows responsibility of how political and economic changes affect the businesses and families she serves.

For decades Deborah has served families and businesses with sound judgement as a strategic Advisor at MorganStanley, Citi Global Markets and Merrill Lynch. Unlike the narrowed “stockbrokers” of the 80s, today’s Financial Advisors at preeminent Firms have far more expansive knowledge especially of monetary and fiscal policies, as well as complex requirements. As such, Deborah’s workdays include managing economic effects and monitoring U.S. Government policies, geopolitical events, energy, Federal Reserve meetings, real estate, inflation, taxes, pharmaceutical developments, technology, and many other factors.

Deborah graduated from Florida Atlantic University, Business Executive program and passed the CFP® Board exam. As a Certified Financial Planner™, she has advanced knowledge regarding capital markets, taxation, retirement, insurance, corporate structures as well as maintaining business and family ownership of assets.

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Deborah Adeimy children

Deborah has served people throughout important stages of their lives
as their financial expert, trusted advisor and fiduciary.

THE UNITED STATES ECONOMY and the strength of capitalism is once again being tested by radicals wanting to change the foundation of America. Factually, the one entity and place capable of producing inflation is Washington – only government owns the “printing press” to create money. The wasteful, excessive U.S. Government spending with too much dollar creation, is intentional mismanagement. Weakness is also dangerous to our United States security. A strong American economy needs experienced U.S. Representatives serving on the Financial Services Committee, Ways & Means and areas where their inside knowledge is advantageous.


Finally, an honest, dedicated Representative Voice for All the People of Florida's 22nd Congressional District.


The United States is a quilt made up of the world’s people- that makes us uniquely special. The idea of immigration to America is to join and give and strengthen NOT divide and take and weaken.  Americans are generous and empathetic, but patience is lost when illegal and forced entry into Our Great Country defiantly continues. Chaotic tidal waves of people entering America strains our welfare system, overwhelms our hospitals, weakens schools and threatens the safety of law-abiding tax paying Americans. The unprecedented and dangerous, open border strategy is intentional.


Only governments can create inflation. Deborah believes Americans know how to spend their earned income better than Government. The current, painful inflation and tax increases on American’s income, capital gains and Corporate taxes, have damaging impact. The current Administration falsely thinks they invest and spend better than the American people – who built this Great Country! The Government is the people’s business and its revenue, is the earnings of the American people -it must be spent wisely!


The space race is on again – The United States must lead and defend that frontier. 

Russia, China and other adversaries have more than exploration as the goal.  The Obama Administration stalled America’s leadership in Space. Let’s Get Back to Work. “We are less flashy than some, but …We gave you GPS, modern weather forecasting, Pluto, over 20 Mars missions, the Sun, every planet in the solar system and beyond, vast majority of civilian, military satellites currently on orbit and …Centar 5 will change humanity’s destiny” – Tory Bruno of United Launch Alliance confidently replying to a millennial questioning why ULA is not more exciting.  Go NASA !


Deborah has spent decades researching Companies whose mission is to save and improve lives. She understands their upfront monetary risk taken on in the hopes of a successful drug or cure. We all know friends, family and elected politicians afflicted with health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer’s. Deborah supports the “scientists who have the indomitable will to find the unfindable and cure the uncurable” (PhRMA) It is possible to provide affordable healthcare to Americans when insurance companies and drug manufacturers work together. Covid has reminded us to salute the hospital workers and scientists fighting against diseases every day.


I pledge to work with our great Florida warrior, Congressman Brian Mast to find the best solutions to save our waters and the living environment. As an avid beachgoer, boater and fishing enthusiast I understand why many Americans visit and live in our tropical, beautiful state. Our water flow systems are delicate and yet powerful – from Lake Okeechobee to the intracoastal waterways, the canals and our great Atlantic Ocean. The sugar cane industry is important, and I seek to find compromise to the water tug-of-war. The problem issue separately also includes phosphates and antiquated drainage systems of residents around Lake O. Let’s work to find the answers together!


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